The Mediation Approach

A skilled mediator helps a couple bypass the court system. This process works best in a relatively amicable situation, although there are certainly some difficult decisions to make.

In this process, Brenda supports divorcing couples as their primary mediator, or specifically in the financial details of their agreement. A financial mediator is helpful when the primary mediator's expertise is in mental health or law or if the couple has a more complex economic structure and wants to use the mediation approach while ensuring they're working with accurate and complete financial information.

As a CDFA┬« - Certified Divorce Financial Analyst and a trained divorce Mediator, Brenda lays out financial options for the couple's discussion and decision-making. 

Sometimes in mediation, one of the parties might not feel as well versed in their finances and options; they can work with Brenda to learn about their income and assets and how decisions might impact their future as they're going through the mediation process. Ultimately this can lead to a faster conclusion to divorce mediation and a more lasting and durable agreement.

The mediation process is private. Each party's attorney usually reviews the agreement (a Memorandum of Understanding). One attorney writes the legal document, which is submitted to the court to be entered and legally finalize the divorce.

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