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The Litigation Approach

Litigation is perhaps the most known type of divorce. This process involves submitting issues to family court to resolve them, and most communication happens through representative attorneys.

Divorcing couples often choose litigation if they cannot reach an agreement through other methods or aren't aware of the different options.

As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA)® in litigation, Brenda works with one of the parties to advise on "what-if" scenarios, educate them about the process and its financial implications, and forecast the impact of different choices during negotiation. 

The benefit of working with Brenda as a CDFA® is that clients are informed and educated about agreements that can impact them for the rest of their lives. Working with Brenda as a specialist partner to attorneys can help keep professional costs lower and increase confidence regarding financial decisions. She crafts alternative solutions based on goals; options tend to move the process forward rather than getting stuck in an expensive and time-consuming standoff.

Lastly, in Brenda's work as a CDFA®, she helps establish realistic expectations throughout the process. Working with a CDFA® reduces the chances of coming to a resolution that can't be carried out or has the potential of costing thousands or millions of dollars in miscalculations. Both of which end up with couples going back to court and spending more in fees in the long term.

Working from this point of view— resolution instead of winning and losing— can ultimately save clients’ money, time, and stress.

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