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Mindful Planning For Your Financial Freedom

My Story

My Story

Growing up in the Midwest, Brenda Bridges has always been known for her compassionate strength, her kind spirit, and her dedicated work ethic. Both in her community and throughout her career, she has embodied these values by dedicating herself to improving the well-being of others - financially, physically and mentally.

While in the corporate world, Brenda managed the product development of large national brands in addition to overseeing marketing budgets, which included multiple investment and insurance companies. In her community she strives to help others to enhance youth education, expand access to mental health support, and raise funds for cancer research.

From corporate executive to yoga instructor - from a special education masters to mother – all paths have led Brenda to her greatest position of financial planner, educator and coach. With each experience, Brenda applies the same process: listen, reflect and act. She has a strong belief in ongoing education and keeping current in ideas and trends, while focusing on her clients’ needs. Using that knowledge, Brenda is able to offer her clients educated options, leading them to a more stable, healthy financial freedom.

Our team approach adds perspective to all we do and provides increased benefits to our clients.

The Real Benefit

Brenda’s planning process is based on a passion for and commitment to providing a framework for organizing her clients’ needs and wants, educating them on their options and providing understandable solutions to their concerns, priorities and dreams. 

What this means is Brenda listens with empathy to your specific situation, simplifies  industry jargon to understandable information and provides you the knowledge to know what you are basing your financial decisions on and why.

The real benefit is that you have the confidence and clarity of knowing you’ve got an individual plan in place that aligns with your goals to take care of both your financial future and those you love.

Remember - you have to believe in your plan, understand your plan and be able to achieve your plan for it to work!