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Working with a financial specialist in your divorce - 

What Does a Certified Divorce Financial Anaylst® do?

Divorce is a legal process, but many of the decisions you make will be primarily financial or family based. 

Putting it simply, Brenda, is a certified financial professional (CDFA®)who helps individuals and couples navigate the financial aspects and focus on the long-term financial effects of divorce. 

A CDFA® like Brenda helps you determine your financial settlement, focusing on both short and long-term financial values of your assets, tax impact and how it can affect you later in life.

Just as an attorney assists with your legal decisions, as a CDFA® Brenda helps guide you through your financial decisions during the divorce process.

Collaborative Divorce

Out-of-court team based approach, it supports a structured, private and cooperative resolution.

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Work through your own settlement with the guidance of a trained, neutral professional.

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Divorce Litigation

Divorce dispute resolution through legal representatives and settled in Family Court.

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